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Merkel's political career deeply rooted in her upbringing******

Angela Merkel, née Angela Dorothea Kasner, was born on July 17, 1954, in Hamburg, West Germany, where her father was a theology student and her mother a teacher of Latin and English.。

The family relocated to East Germany just weeks after Merkel's birth, when tens of thousands were heading the other way.。

In grade 8, she won a prize in a Russian competition, and at the age of 14, she began to attend international mathematics Olympiad in East Europe.。

In 1973, she began studying physics at Karl Marx University (now the University of Leipzig). She met her first husband, Ulrich Merkel, while attending an event in the Soviet Union in 1974.。

They married in 1977 and divorced in 1982, though she kept his last name, even after Merkel married her longtime companion, chemistry professor Joachim Sauer, her mentor in doctoral studies, in 1998.。

Sauer, professor of quantum chemistry at Berlin's Humboldt University before his retirement in 2017, has kept out of the public eye.。

After earning her degree in 1978, she worked at the Central Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin, earning a doctorate in 1986 in physical chemistry.。

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Merkel joined the newly founded Democratic Awakening, becoming the party's press spokesperson in February 1990.。

In the first post-reunification election in December 1990, Merkel won a seat in the Bundestag, and was appointed minister for women and youth by Chancellor Helmut Kohl in January 1991.。

Merkel was elected the CDU's deputy chairman in 1991. After the 1994 election Merkel became minister of environment, conservation, and reactor safety.。

In late 1999, a finance scandal hit the CDU, implicating Kohl. Merkel, Kohl's former protegee, called upon the party to make a fresh start. On April 10, 2000, Merkel was elected head of the CDU, becoming the first woman and the first non-Catholic to lead the party.。

Although Merkel had hoped to stand as a candidate for chancellor in the 2002 election, a majority of her party expressed a preference for Edmund Stoiber of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the CDU's sister party in Bavaria. The CDU-CSU block narrowly lost the election, and Merkel became leader of the opposition.。


In this file combination of photos taken on December 30, 2017 shows German chancellor Angela Merkel posing after the recording of her annual New Year's speech at the Chancellery in Berlin (bottom row right to left) 2005- 2008, (second row right-left) 2009-2012, (third row right to left) 2013-2014, (top row right to left) 2015-2016 and (center, top) 2017.。

First term。

The September 2005 election eventually led the CDU-CSU and the SPD to settle on a "grand coalition" government with Merkel at its head. On November 22, 2005, Merkel took office as chancellor, becoming the first woman, the first East German, and, at age 51, the youngest person for the office.。

Second term。

After the parliamentary elections held in September 2009, with the SDP posting its worst performance since 1949, Merkel was re-elected and formed a government with the Free Democratic Party (FDP). Merkel's second term was largely characterized by her role in responding to the euro-zone debt crisis, controversially embracing austerity as the path to recovery.。

Third term。

Although the CDU-CSU alliance won an impressive victory in the September 2013 federal election, after more than two months of negotiations, Merkel secured an agreement with the SDP to form another grand coalition government.。

The struggling European economy continued to loom large, aggravated by Europe's gravest refugee crisis since World War II. Despite her earlier pledge, Merkel reintroduced border controls with Austria in September 2015.。

Over 1 million migrants entered Germany in 2015, and Merkel's party paid a steep political price.。

Fourth term。

Two-thirds of SPD voters approved the proposed government in March 2018, officially securing Merkel's fourth term. Later in October 2018 a dismal CDU regional election performance led Merkel to announce her intention to step down as chancellor at the end of her fourth term.。

Merkel's style of government has been characterized by pragmatism, although critics have accused her of lacking a clear stance and ideology.。

She demonstrated her willingness to adopt the positions of her political opponents if they proved effective, as testified to by Merkel's decision to phase out nuclear power in the wake of the Fukushima accident in 2011, a dramatic reverse of her previous pro-nuclear power stance expected of a scientist.。

When German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier recently thanked Merkel for steering the country through difficult times, particularly during her final four-year term, he mentioned the coronavirus pandemic, Brexit, and a US government under President Donald Trump that he said "had little to no interest in the international order and trans-Atlantic partnership."

华商网对话“秦墩墩”设计者斯涵 揭秘西安“顶流熊猫”背后的故事******












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Cultural event kicks off at Dubai Expo to celebrate Chinese New Year******

A special cultural event celebrating China's lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, kicked off on Monday at the China Pavilion at the Dubai Expo, showcasing the Chinese culture and nature preservation efforts.

The highlights of the event included an elephant-related exhibition, live video streaming of giant pandas, Chinese costume music flash mob, and Spring Festival couplets giveaway, allowing the expo-goers to know China better and enjoy the festive mood of the Chinese New Year.


Children in Dubai celebrate China's lunar New Year at the Dubai Expo.


A girl prepares for the celebration of China's lunar New Year at the Dubai Expo.

Outside the China Pavilion, the elephant exhibition records the 110-day adventure in summer 2021 of a herd of 14 wild Asian elephants wandering across south China's Yunnan Province, which aroused worldwide attention.

The herd's unexpected encounter with the local residents tells about a moving story of harmonious co-existence between humans and animals, which also demonstrates the great efforts made by China on conservation and care of the nature.


Performers dressed in hanfu, the traditional Chinese costumes, take a group photo outside the China Pavilion at the Dubai Expo.


Performers give a short concert with traditional Chinese musical instruments outside the China Pavilion at the Dubai Expo.

The "Giant Panda Chinese New Year Concert," an animated short film produced by China's iPanda TV channel, won applause as the chubby pandas played traditional Chinese music instruments including Pipa and Guzheng.

Chinese calligraphers handed out Chinese Lunar New Year couplets, while workers wearing ancient Chinese costumes embroidered with auspicious elements such as gourds, persimmons and koi gave visitors a deeper sense of the Chinese culture.

Themed "Perceive China - Into Dubai Expo," the event was hosted by the State Council Information Office of China and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.


The China Pavilion at the Dubai Expo has a theme of "Experience China" to allow people enjoy Chinese culture.








  单手打开屏幕,跟随主屏一齐抬起13°的4K IPS面板副屏让人忍不住发出“wow awesome”的感叹。冰刃双屏采用15.6 英寸、1080P FHD 分辨率、100% sRGB,3ms响应时间的主屏,而刷新率达到了惊人的300Hz 刷新率。


  冰川散热架构2.0Pro设计,采用Thermal Grizzly暴力熊液态金属AAS Plus风洞技术+键盘下置设计,温度控制出色的同时,也不会让键盘烫手。


      I9+Geforce RTX可不是乱贴的哦。  



  接口方面,机身右侧双USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A接口,同时拥有一个全功能雷电3协议Type-C接口,支持65WPD充电+视频输出+高速传输数据,不过有雷电3就想外接显卡扩展坞想法可以先缓一缓,内置GeForce RTX 2080 Super搭载Max-Q设计足够满足绝大部分使用需求,加上外接性能折损,恐怕得不偿失。65W的PD充电,在使用核显进行办公时能够抛弃庞大的240W电源,使用65W口红电源便能供电,十分方便。


  散热孔之外,后置了USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A接口、RJ45网口与HDMI2.0接口,HDMI接口支持4K60Hz输出,满足连接大屏需求。同样受制于C面上半部分的副屏,接口基本都被挪到了下方,机身后部也被塞上了接口,接口数量也不算丰富,不过日常使用已经足够。


  受制于机身尺寸,GPU搭载了GeForce RTX 2080 Super 搭载Max-Q设计,虽然性能不及桌面版RTX 2080 Super,凭借NVIDIA动态加速功能,105W的2080 Super实力仍不容小觑。 RTX 2080Super,CUDA 核心数量由 RTX 2080 上的 2944 个提升到了 3072 个,相较冰刃3S plus搭载的GeForce RTX 2080 搭载Max-Q设计性能提升也有提升。



  CineBench R15 多核1894分 单核204分。

  CineBench R20 多核4226分 单核484分。

  CPU-Z benchmark也达到了5192的高分。

  Geekbench 5多核8134,单核1294。



  Fire Strike与Fire Strike Extreme测试中,得分分别为19548与10423,物理分数为20340与19587,综合实力不俗。





















  单烤CPU 平均温度保持在80度左右,最高温97度,主频在3.6GHz,功耗保持在90W。

  双烤CPU 和显卡的温度分别为90度和76度,功耗分别为 45W 和 90W,CPU 主频维持在2.7GHz,显卡频率保持在1500MHz左右。

  值得一提的是,在单拷GPU时,触发NVIDIA动态加速后,GPU能够获得超越90W TDP的功耗来到105W,提供更强性能,而平均温度不足70度对于游戏这类高GPU负载低CPU负载的情况下能够提供更高更稳定的帧数。









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